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TIN – consult Unternehmensberatung is your partner if you plan to establish a subsidiary in Austria from a foreign parent company. Whether you want to open a sales office or a production facility – you will be provided a competent and professional service.


Benefit from experiences in project development, branch office establishing or accompanying a foreign subsidiary. Step by step on your way to international success.

Complimentary initial consultation

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International projects

In addition to the classic triangle of time, quality and costs there are a number of other factors to be considered during an international project. Most notably these include the exacerbated communication in one (or more) foreign languages, the different law and administrative systems in the target country or simply just the long ways and different time zones that need to be considered.

TIN – consult Unternehmensberatung is your reliable partner to develop your international endeavour starting from the pre – project phase up to the implementation and will also stand by as an experienced trouble shooter if need be.

Public subsidies

You may be eligible for a public subsidy program if investing in Austria as a foreign investor. Check out your options at sites like Austrian Business International.

TIN – consult will be happy to assisst you with your respective applications!


Coaching and troubleshooting

There are cases where it is necessary to support your own team with outside talent whether to get in expert knowledge or to increase resources on the project. TIN – consult Unternehmensberatung offers you the flexibility to assist your team at exactly the needed point.

Be it the moderation of milestone meetings (e.g. the kick-off meeting), coaching of your project team in critical project phases or the organization of project workshops.

Sometimes things get urgent and a project needs your immediate and focused attention. TIN – consult will provide reliable trouble-shooting to help out during the rough phases of an international project.

Steering through rough waters with TIN – consult Unternehmensberatung.

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Advanced technologies and know-how are essential factors to be successful in international markets. Keeping your customers needs in mind, while having an eye on the development of new trends, technologies and innovations is important. The process of innovation is driven by two sides: the customer on one hand and the technological developments on the other.

Together with you TIN – consult Unternehmensberatung will develop a strategy for innovation management and the development of new technologies and key competences between the poles of market, research and economical frame conditions.

From technology to product

Technology and know-how are critical success factors if implemented in innovative products. Stay a step ahead by utilizing strategic innovation management.

with TIN – consult from technology to strategy!

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Project development

TIN – consult Unternehmensberatung assists you in all steps of project development, from the project idea to the final business plan. The project idea is developed in accordance with the client and all relevant factors are assessed in a multi – step procedure. As a result you receive a tailor made business plan for your investment project.

For foreign investment projects the site assessment is of vital importance. In many cases an “on – site” scouting mission is necessary to get a clear picture about the available infrastructure as well as to reliably evaluate things like the local labour market.

The final product is a polished project concept as a basis for informed decisions about the realization of the investment project. With additional data on internal estimations about revenue and costs also a full fledged business plan can be provided.

Risk analysis

Beside chances and benefits each project also has its imponderabilities and risks, especially if it is a project in a foreign country. A meaningful risk analysis is an essential basis for a successful project.

TIN – consult Unternehmensberatung offers a project specific risk analysis to its clients, that is focused on the peculiar risks in the context of an international project. Based on the analysis a package of measures will be developed and implemented in accordance with the client.